About Us

JOHN PAUL II FOUNDATION is a legal entity under private law, philanthropic, nonprofit, governed by statutes and the laws in force, with headquarters at Rua Joao Paulo II, s / n, Alto da Bela Vista, a city of Cachoeira Paulista , SP, duly registered with the Clerk of this County Public Records, pages 24, Paper No. A-2, under paragraph 33 of order and change the sheets 90v/92 as deed drawn up on 05.09.1996, and Enrollment beginning of the CGC on 13/08/82, under N 50.016.039-001-75. Among its statutory objectives set out in Article 6, VI: “the promotion of academic and vocational education of children, adolescents and adults,” which seeks to achieve quality and complying with all the Brazilian legislation.

Education is the inherent goal of John Paul II Foundation in order to profile your founder, Monsignor Jonas Abib, whose trajectory is driven by the Salesian pedagogy, recognized worldwide in the field of education through the Preventive System, founded by Don Bosco.

The Preventive System is a dynamic creation and innovation in teaching before they express and foremost, the recovery of universal values ​​and human dignity in a perspective of Catholic morality. The Preventive System as a tripod is the famous triad:

• Loving kindness: dynamic term that implies an attitude of love.

• Reason: it leads us to the persuasive dialogue with the young, while respecting their uniqueness and autonomy, following their growth and training for the liberty, the formation of his insight and maturity, your capacity for solidarity etc..

• Religion: Christian humanism based on the Catholic illuminates the realities, and many other discerning aplenitude brings all the revelation to the appointment with the man and his vocation of fullness and transcendence.

Thus, with the motto “train young men for a new world,” the settlor in order to comply with Article 6, III FJPII the status of “promoting, maintaining and supporting educational, social and cultural rights in the preservation of civic , moral and cultural development of the Brazilian people “and to the needs of the city and region of Cachoeira Paulista, Instituto Canção Nova devised, according to the minutes of the Board of John Paul II Foundation, 01/03/2001 in order to promote kindergarten and elementary .

The Canção Nova Institute is located at Rua Carlos Pinto Filho, s / n º, Vila Cacarro in the town of Cachoeira Paulista. It was authorized to operate by the Ministry of Regional Director of Education, No. 13/2001, published in the Official Gazette of the State of 13.02.2001.
In 2005, there was the expansion of the Institute Canção Nova, going to meet about 900 students, divided into the following stages of education: kindergarten, elementary and high school. The proposal is that education is more than writing and reading, is to create, innovate, invent and reinvent important features for a better future, where humans have priority. The aim is a human Christian Catholic, so that students have broad and deep vision of human beings and their means of knowledge and, above all, help them and prepare them for the world, presenting increasingly challenging.

Today, the Institute serves over 1,000 students, with the goal of providing accountability and efficiency with a differentiated and quality education, thus developing educational content based on LDB (Law of Directives and Bases) and PCN (National Curriculum), seeking a valuing human beings as a whole.

However, in 2007, John Paul II Foundation facing new challenges, realizing the need to train their own people and to contribute to open more places in higher education and the shortage felt in the regional, saw an opportunity to create their Faculty.
It is thus thought to continue his educational method in the form of higher education and academic environment which responds to the new realities generated by activities linked to the Maintainer of the media, especially regarding the training of its missionaries and employees of this .

It is noteworthy that this region of the Paraiba Valley in which lies the FJPII has considerable deficit in the area of ​​higher education. According to IBGE, while in São Paulo, the average is a place for 427 people in the Vale do Paraíba Paulista, the average is a place available for 734 people.

Thus FJPII began studies for the implementation of the higher education institution focused on social and human development, to offer quality education at its headquarters in Cachoeira Paulista, with the opening of the courses: Administration, Social Communication in Journalism, Communications Social major in Radio and TV Philosophy.