“The Canção Nova was not born of a human project, but an initiative of God.” These are the words of Monsignor Jonas Abib, founder of the community, defining the beginning of everything at Canção Nova. The community was born of the call they made before the Diocesan Bishop of the Church’s word written by Pope Paul VI in the document Evangellii Nuntiandi (Evangelisation in the Modern World), which urged the need to evangelize in today’s world, pointing to require the use of means of communication Social Commission for Evangelization.
So was born in the Canção Nova Church, born of Evangelism and Evangelization is using the media. Because of this mission took place early in 1978 the Canção Nova Community made up of men and women, young and old, for single, married and single people, for priests and deacons. All consecrated. Gathered in the community because of the mission.
According to Monsignor Jonas Abib the Canção Nova is a community created by God for the formation of Young Men for a New World.

From the beginning, God gave the Canção Nova grace to experience some commodities, such as:

• Male and female lived together, they all respect each other as brothers and sisters. Men and women living, working, studying, performing together the charism and mission in a healthy coexistence. Living chastity proper to every state of life.

• Fraternal Life, where each one has to prefer the good of others to their own living and brotherly love in the circumstances of day-to-day. Therefore, the exercise of forgiveness and reconciliation are essential.
• Living in Providence, where trust in every situation, God will provide the necessaries of life and accomplishment of the mission.

Years later, in early 1982 gave up the John Paul II Foundation to manage and maintain the work of the community: Radio, TV, DAVID (Department of Audio-Visual), Internet, events, social, educational and now the New School Song .
JOHN PAUL II FOUNDATION is a charity non-profit. Among its statutory objectives included “the promotion of academic and vocational education of children, adolescents and adults,” which seeks to achieve quality and complying with all the Brazilian legislation. With the motto “train young men for a new world,” Msgr. Jonas Abib, on the needs of the city and region of Cachoeira Paulista, Instituto Canção Nova devised in order to promote kindergarten and elementary.
Facing new challenges to John Paul II Foundation in 2007, realizing the need of vocational training to its employees and opening more places in higher education, saw an opportunity to build its faculty. The FCN is thus thought to continue his educational method, already applied in the Institute Canção Nova, now in higher education.